10 Best Healthy Diet Tips for you

Acne skin ever stood the majority of teenagers and a large number of adults. Some people are lucky not to have acne at all, while others may experience acne problems are irritating though has done a variety of ways to remove acne.  The presence of acne on the skin, especially the face, can lead to a sense of lack confidence in some people.

Treat acne as soon as possible can help cope with the emotional and psychological effects. Even though acne is not too bad for overall health, but with the presence of acne are perched on our faces, let alone a big Zit on my nose, wow. . shame deh.

Experts say that acne must be treated immediately, especially if that person is prone to get a pimples. Well here we present several ways to remove acne that you can try:

How to prevent and get rid of acne face Wash You twice per day.
Make sure you are using the anti acne SOAP. Use warm water. Wash gently, do not rub the skin too hard. Experts recommend using a lotion containing benzoyl peroxide.

Don't squeeze pimples

If you squeeze the acne there is the possibility of infection is getting worse, causing a more serious blockage and severe swelling and redness. The squeeze also increases the risk of acne scarring.


Research from New York University reported in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that a diet high in dairy products and foods with a high glycemic index may increase the risk of the outbreak of acne.

Avoid Touching The Face

Try to refrain from touching the face with hands. Before touching the face You make sure you always wash hands with SOAP, or at least you are sure that you hands are clean.

Hand hygiene

keep your hands and nails clean. Wash your hands with SOAP and cut fingernails short-short


If you wear glasses wash them regularly.

Loose clothes

Most people Acne can appear on your back, shoulders or chest, if you experience anything like this also, apparel that loose skin, let you breathe.


When you want to go to bed, make sure there are no more the rest of the makeup is left on the face. Wash your clean up


The hair is often the cascading up to cover the face or brow you can be the cause of the outbreak of acne. So, make sure you always clean hair.

Shaving face You

For men, be careful when You shave. Either use a razor or electric shaver. Use shaving cream and warm water before doing this activity so that the infection does not occur

You can try how to remove Acne as we describe above. If you have any other ways could the comment below:)

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