13 Tips for maintaining healthy Hair

All of us, both men and women certainly want healthy hair. Healthy hair can support our appearance to make it look more attractive. We do not want to have hair that's dirty, dull, drenched, and smell.
Well, so that you can keep healthy hair at any time, you can cobain tips from us.

Here are tips on keeping healthy hair that you can apply:

Tip 1: always protect hair from the Sun, wind and rain. Excessive exposure to sunlight, heat, dirt, pollution, pollution can make damaged hair. This can result in dirt piled up, causing the hair and the scalp becomes dry, and biased cause infections on the scalp. When you need to cover your hair with a hat or umbrella.

Tip 2: wet hair is very fragile and easily damaged. In case of wet, stems and roots of the hair You are more prone to damage. After shampooing don't straight comb, wait a few moments until the hair is a bit dry

Tip 3: use a deep conditioner after shampooing. Conditioner can help so that the hair is getting straight

Tip 4: Do the air-conditioning incorrectly. Conditioners formulated for sealing the moisture content in the hair shaft. They are not meant for the scalp. Start conditioning it about 2 inches from the scalp. Too much conditioner on the scalp will only make You oily scalp.

Tip 5: choose a shampoo and conditioner of the same type because it has the same formulation. Because it is made for certain hair types always and specific objectives skewed so that it gives better results.

Tip 6: avoid using a blow dryer on the hair. The heat will absorb moisture from the hair thus making it dry and frizzy. When you need to straighten your hair with a straightener, always remember so wear protective hair before.

Tip 7: avoid using a hair tie that super tight, select a soft cloth. The tight hair ties tend to pull the hair and this can cause damage.

Tip 8: While You are going to sleep at night, let the cascading hair on one side to avoid tangling of hair.

Tip 9: Sleep using pillows made from satin to reduce hair breakage due to friction than cotton bernahan pillows and more.

Tip 10: When drying the hair, to do with the way suppressed. Do not diggosok. You may dry out the hair more quickly but the amount of hair loss will be more and more.

Tip 11: use hair mask suitable for signs. Hair needs vary according the type of hair.

Tip 12: use cold water to wash. The point of water at normal temperature Yes, not ice water. Avoid shampooing with hot water

Tip 13: eating right. Health body also affects hair panampilan you. The more healthy you are, the better You hair looks. Certain nutrients such as vitamins, iron and proteins are very important for hair growth and health.

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