Benefits Of Green Tea For Health

Benefits of green tea have been perceived by many quarters from different parts of the world. Because its benefits for health, green tea has been consumed by the Nations of the world for centuries.

green tea is the most consumed drink besides plain water. However many more black tea is consumed by the world population than green tea.

All kinds of tea, kecual herbal tea made from the tea plant or scientific language called Camelia Sinesis.

Benefits Of Green Tea For Health

Unlike black tea, green tea is made from tea leaves are not oxidized and requires fewer processing so that it contains more polyphenols compounds and antioksida that are beneficial to the body.

Historically, green tea has been used by physicians in china and india to stop bleeding and heal wounds, improve digestion, enhance the performance of the heart and regulates the body temperature. A recent study showed that green tea has a positive influence on health in General.

Nutritional content of Green tea T eh hijauSecara General, green tea contains caffeine a little about 20-45 milligrams per 8 ounces. Green tea is believed to be the most healthy beverages in the world and has the highest content of antioxidants among the other tea types. Green tea (also other type of tea) contains a natural chemical compounds called polyphenols which serves to ward off free radicals and also as an anti-inflammatory.

Benefits Of Green Tea For Health

Against Cancer

Based on research conducted by the National Cancer Institute in America there, the polyphenols found in tea is proven to help reduce the growth of tumors and may be against the bad influence of ultraviolet radiation UVB.

Researchers believe that high levels of polyphenols in tea can help to kill cancer cells and stop its growth.

the benefits of tea hijauMenurunkan the risk of heart disease

In 2006, the American Medical Association publishes a journal stating that the consumption of green tea can help lower the risk of heart attack decreases.

In Japan there is also research that involves 40,000 citizens aged between 40 and 79 years. The study lasted for 11 years beginning in 1994. Through this research found that people who drank at least five cups of green tea a day have a lower risk of death (especially from heart disease) than those who drank tea less than one glass per day.
In addition, by consuming ten cups of green tea per day can help to lower cholesterol levels.
Another Benefit Of Green Tea
Another benefit of green tea was preventing cavities, prevent acute fatigue, reduce stress, and improve the skin condition.

Side-effects and risks of green tea

Very few or even no contraindications or side effects caused by drinking green tea for adults. However, for those who have a sensitivity to caffeine may experience insomnia, anxiety, irritation, and nausea.

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