Foods That You Should Avoid When Pregnant

Eating healthy food and balanced diet is very important all the time, but became even more important when you are pregnant. There are essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are also badly needed by your baby. However, there are some restrictions of food pregnant you should look because it can be bad for your pregnancy.

Most of the food is indeed safe consumed, but there are some foods that you should avoid during pregnancy because it can lead to food poisoning, contain bacteria, parasites or chemicals in these foods that may harm your baby .

The nutrients from the foods you consume will be transmitted to the fetus through the blood. Therefore, it is very important for all of you mommies candidates to keep the balance of vitamins, minerals, and other builders substances every day so that pregnancy can go smoothly.

Not all meat that is suitable for you guys eat as may contain bacteria, chemicals, and other things that are not good for the little one! Well, let's consider the prospective mommies of abstinence of food pregnant women below!

4 Food abstinence of Teens Read Moms

Raw meat

Raw meat is the main enemy of the prospective mommies because many contain salmonella bacteria and toxoplasmosis are extremely dangerous to the health of the fetus loh! Instead should not eat meat at all, but the manufacturing process must be higenis must also be perfect ripeness and Yes moms!

Processed meat

Easily we realized if processed meats such as ham and sausages contain lots of preservatives and artificial flavorings that are obviously harmful to the health of people in General, especially for the health of the fetus.

What's more, if the meat is contaminated with the bacteria listeria can culminate in a miscarriage the baby! Surely these mommies don't want happened, so let's keep the diet you guys!

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Caffeine and alcohol

Research proves that Caffeine consumption is more than the normal limit may inhibit fetal growth process so that baby weight so lower than normal.

The limits of consuming caffeine while pregnant is approximately 1 small glass or 375ml. Oiya moms, in addition to coffee and tea and energy drinks contain much caffeine tablets!

In addition to drinks, caffeinated alcoholic beverages whatsoever is strictly prohibited because it can negatively affect fetal brain development! This syndrome is called with the name of "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome" where would happen face deformities, mental retardation, and a heart defect. Preferably, avoid alcoholic drinks to the health of you and your fetus moms!

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Fish containing mercury

Mercury is a toxic substance found in fish that are very dangerous if consumed in high quantities as it can be toxic in the body and interfere with the immune system.

Bloated fish such as swordfish, tuna, and shark contains a lot of mercury. Therefore, the prospective mommies are advised to reduce eating seafood and fish was once well!

Now that is some abstinence of food that we recommend to all of you would-be mommies. In addition to a good diet for mommies and fetal nutrition pencukupan, keep the pattern of healthy living every day. Oiya, don't forget to drink Bio-Strath well moms every day!

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