How To Maintain Health

With the right lifestyle actually is enough to keep the body stay healthy and keep away from the disease. But there are still many of us who ignore it. Here we present how to maintain good health so that you stay fit:

Healthy Eating

Stay away from greasy fried foods and fast food. Processed foods such as nuggets using chemicals as preservatives so that less well for health. Make it a habit to eat nutritious foods and healthy sehinnga you could enjoy it. By choosing better foods, you can lower cholesterol, lose weight and even avoid the disease primarily associated with unhealthy food.


Studies have shown that regular exercise significantly increase life expectancy and improve overall health. Physical exercise for 30-minute walk can help improve mood and help You in losing weight and toning the body.

Avoid smoking

For some of us, this may be easier said than done. If you avoid these tobacco products, the lungs You will get great benefits. Diseases caused by smoking such as emphysema, cancer of the lung, mouth, throat and cause heart disease has claimed many lives. Then avoid smoke, if you already, stop!

Do Medical Tests

Do a check-up or to a doctor's examination to detect the presence of interference on our body to be known as early as possible so that it can be performed promptly handling. By doing a full body examination you can also find out your actual condition.

Syringe Vaccine

If you include people who too often experienced the flu, for example, you could have went to the doctor to ask for in the syringe vaccine anti flu.

Doing sex with healthy

Always do sex with couples official. Avoid mutually couple, let alone with same-sex couples.

Keep away from alcohol

Consumption of too much alcohol can damage the liver and contribute to diseases such as cancer. Not to mention, because alcohol can affect your ability to make decisions, alcohol has many roles in various bad things that afflict humans such as fights, car accidents, murders and rape.

Tersenyumlah, stay away from stress

Stress is one of the causes of some diseases that can be harmful to health. Do a fun activity Is with family and friends. Many grateful for the gifts that you get.

So a bit of tips from us on how to menjagakesehatan, hopefully you can benefit from this paper.

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