Signs and symptoms of heart disease in women

Best friend Super healthy, heart disease is a terrible disease. where have the heart if it is then it could be people experiencing heart disease died unexpectedly arrived.

Heart disease is a threat to every human being, anyone can experience the pain of the heart, and anyone also reserves the right to prevent the occurrence of heart pain, with live a healthy life patterns, then easy to hope the onset of heart disease very small.

Heart disease can happen to women as well as men. but many heart disease usually occurs against males.

Heart disease also have symptoms of symptoms that can be felt by the sufferer. then know lah first symptoms of heart pain..

There are several symptoms of heart disease can be recognized early on. and generally the symptoms occur that are the same as men and women, there are two kinds of which we can indicate someone experienced heart disease, namely:

1. Heart failure

People who experience symptoms of heart failure is it hard to sleep at night of the day, such as insomnia. fast lalah, and shortness of breath.

2. Coronary artery disease

Usually sufferers have coronary heart blockage of blood vessels are arteries in the heart of mengerasnya.

But at umunya symptoms symptoms of heart disease that was such pain in chest left side, sessak breath, often experience a sense of tingling, debar pounding on the other parts of the body accompanied with cold sweat.

The article the signs and symptoms of heart disease in women

Well let we now always dear to our heart, by running a healthy diet. Read also the article foods for heart health

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