The Importance Of Nutrition For Children's Brain Development

Who would not want to have children are smart and accomplished? Every parent is definitely working as hard as possible to provide the best education for his son. It's not just schools, parents also give courses or tutoring to improve achievement and intelligence of the little one.

Unfortunately, learning alone is not enough of the moms! If the child is not getting optimal nutrients intake since she was small, her brain growth and development will be hampered and they could lose competitiveness! Therefore take advantage of the times of the golden age in children so that their success in the future by providing sufficient nutrients.

Well, let's check out the important criteria that mommies need to consider from an early age!

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4 important things that affect a child's brain development

Blood Sugar Balance

Like said, the sugar that is the fuel our brains of moms! But if too many, a child can be hyperactive and difficult to concentrate. Conversely, if the little sugar shortage, she would limp and quickly tired.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to mommies "sugar intake" the fruit of the heart each day. Don't forget well moms, berkarbohidrat food such as rice, pasta and noodles, will also be processed into sugar in the body of the child. From now on, consider the consumption of sugar and other food berkarbohidrat so that optimal child brain development.

Fill your Vitamin and Mineral Needs
Without a doubt if vitamins and minerals is the most important nutrient in maintaining the performance of our brain. Therefore, give a variety of foods each day. If you think only "4 healthy 5 perfect" only, the result would not be ideal because of the essential nutrients your body needs to come from a variety of sources makananan loh!

If necessary, add nutritional supplements to complement the small. Choose any vitamin supplements and should not arbitrarily choose a supplement such as Bio Strath which have high bioavailabilitas so that the benefits of the supplement can be absorbed properly.

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To Meet The Needs Of Their Healthy Oils

Research States that approximately 60% of our brain is composed of fat so fat intake deficiency can make Children less clever loh moms!

Of course you shouldn't give greasy food in vain like fried foods also loh moms, give foods containing healthy fats such as eggs, milk, avocado, salmon, and nuts. Ohiya, careful if children are allergic to certain foods well! Be creative moms, there is an awful lot of healthy fat source to support the development and growth of the brain is the little one!

Learn about allergies or Food Intolerance
This is the most important points for us moms! Each child has an allergy or intolerance against certain types of food so it is very important to detect it early on.

So after that, we can think of this type of food ingredient good substitutes for them. For example, if a child is allergic to peanuts which are a source of protein, we can obtain the protein from beef.

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4 Healthy principle 5 That are outdated

Principle 4 5 perfectly healthy is not valid anymore now because a few things like: there is no provision, the portion of water that have been missed, the variety of food was lacking, and more. Just imagine if you only provide the same food every day, without any variation, of course, your child will be his nutritional deficiencies.

Allergy and food intolerance also hampered the loss of an important source of nutrients for the growth of the brain is the little one loh! Especially if they disturbed digestion, until their bodies are not able to process the incoming food and futile is hard work You feed them.

That's the reason why your child needs extra nutrients supplementation of Bio Strath 61 because it contains vitamins, minerals, and other builders are useful for maintaining the body's endurance and feeding the little one. Come on, give the best moms for beloved since an early age!

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