The importance of Nutrition for pregnant women

The health of pregnant women and the fetus is strongly influenced by the intake of the nutrients obtained for nine months. If the nutrients for pregnant women is not met, no doubt the health and growth of the fetus is impaired will not be perfect loh! In addition, please note that pregnant women need more nutrients than the people at large.

Therefore, it is high time mommies noticed food consumed each day so that you get all of the nutrients needed by the body and the fetus. Offered from the Mayo Clinic, here's some mandatory nutrition mommies get!

5 Nutrition for pregnant Mommies Should

Folic Acid

When pregnant, folic acid is one of the most important nutrients to prevent various diseases and abnormalities in the brain and sum-sum of the spine. In addition, folic acid is also useful for reducing the risk of premature birth of moms!

Easily, mommies can fullfill needs folic acid every day from spinach, oranges, nuts, and asparagus.

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Just like adults, babies in the womb need calcium for bone growth and their teeth.

The baby in the womb need calcium to strengthen bones and their teeth of moms! In addition, calcium is also useful for improving circulatory system which affects the nervous system and muscles.

Every day, it is recommended that pregnant women consume about 1000 mg per day. The most common sources of calcium are dairy products such as milk, cheese, and more.

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Vitamin D

In General, vitamin D is useful for maintaining healthy bones and in the case of pregnant women, vitamin D is useful for the growth of bones and teeth in the fetus. No doubt the mommies have know if cow's milk is one source of vitamin D is very good for you!

In addition, Salmon also turned out to be very rich in vitamin D tablets moms, but remember well the mommies have to cook it until it is cooked first in order not to be exposed to bacteria salmonela!

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Daily protein intake (or daily protein needs) for pregnant women is around 70 grams and can be obtained from chicken meat, eggs, nuts-kangan, and seeds. During pregnancy, protein is also very important for the growth of the fetus loh!


Do you easily get tired while pregnant? Lest You be exposed to anemia loh! One of the problems experienced by a pregnant mother is anemia due to lack of haemoglobin levels in the body.

This is caused by a lack of iron in the body so as inhibit the formation of hemoglobin. When pregnant mommies need iron, two times more than the normal time to be the fetal oxygen supply.

Iron deficiency can be a very bad impact on the little tables of the moms! Babies can be born premature and abnormal weight can even make mommies depression.

Well, come on moms choose the foods that contain iron beans, shrimp, and beef!

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Bio Strath Benefits For Pregnant Women

In addition, pregnant women also get sufficient nutrients by consuming Bio Strath containing 61 different nutrients. This proven supplements can increase the levels of hemoglobin during pregnancy.

Quoted from, here's some Bio Strath benefits during pregnancy and after pregnancy:

Restore your body's vitality and stamina
Increase the durability of the body
Source of iron
Insufficient nutrition on while pregnant and breastfeeding
Improves the absorption of nutrients of the body
So, in addition to nutritious food, you can also adequate nutrition of pregnant women with Bio Strath for the sake of a healthy pregnancy and smoothly. So a brief explanation regarding the nutrition of pregnant women that need to be known.

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